We began to develop games not long ago, but to be precise in 2017.

We do not limit ourselves to choosing one genre or concept, so we plan to develop in different genre areas.

We make games with love.

Game development is our passion.


Robby's Adventure is a side-scroller platformer game where you will guide a robot named Robby through numerous obstacles and challenges.
Released 30 August 2017

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Robby's Adventure

Kill flies!
They are everywhere!
Game is in development.

Released 27 Sept 2017

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FlyDestroyer VR

Each pumpkin is a bomb.
Find and destroy them all as soon as possible or die!

Released 13 Dec 2017

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Pumpkin Hunter VR

Runner with solo and multiplay modes
The game is in development

Escape or Die

We have many thoughts and ideas.
But all of them are in the stage of development.
When we'll have what to show we'll do it!

Game is in development